Trolling Motor Recess Kits

We have had several customers express interest in a trolling motor foot pedal recess kit to allow them to recess the trolling motor foot pedal on their boats. We have discovered a vendor for these kits and we have been very impressed with the finished product. If you have not yet used a trolling motor with the pedal recessed, we think that you will find it is a lot more comfortable. It will allow you to basically stand flat footed while you operate your foot control trolling motor. Some customers have even said that it reduces or eliminates back fatigue and lets them stay on the water longer.

Dimensions of the tray are approximately 21 1/4" by 11" by 4 3/4" plus the drain tube.

We are currently offering a special on the kit: $125.00 plus tax/shipping (if applicable). If we install the kits, installation ranges from 1 1/2 to 2 hours labor (@$95.00/hour).

Please give us a call (615) 599-8748 or email us for additional information.

Recess Kit